Water on Earth

Water on Earth

Water on Earth
Our earth is actually quite an odd one out. For example, Earth is the only planet in our solar system that is a real wet oasis. More than 70 percent of the surface is covered with liquid water. And that while the other rocky planets orbiting our sun are dry and arid worlds.

Our body also consists of an average of 70% water. Coincidence????

Water gives life; Let’s be careful with the water.
Every little bit helps the bigger picture.

Above is the Maas In Limburg. Next pictures too.

Water can also destroy. Our country knows that, next to a lot of other countries. We try to regulate the water, with aids, such as locks. See last photo.

In february 2021 I moved to another area with rivers.

By clicking on the pictures you see which water it is.

The first view on the Nederrijn I had in 2020, 4th august. That made me decide to move to this area.

My “privat” beach.

Vanaf spoorbrug

Some photos of the consequences of heavy rain in July 2021. Some animals had less place; some had more.

I was on the beach of Scheveningen on 02-26-2022.

“when you feel ashamed, go to the river
when you’re feeling sad, go to the river
when you’re feeling blue inside, immersed and tied
when you’re feeling stuck in pain, forever”

From the song: it also counts for the sea….

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