Wading birds

Wading birds

The most famous are the heron and the stork.
The second was almost extinct in the Netherlands in the 1960s, but is increased in population thanks to an initiative in 1969.

In the above picture I first saw the Heron after I saw the picture on the computer.

The white heron would be a special bird. He has been known since Egyptian times as the bringer of something new, he stands for change. The white heron is a very special sight.

When I saw the one on the left in the field far away, my silent friend did not believe me; that’s why I made this close-up. For him, it was a sign that he was on the right track with his business. He had just told me that there was progress.

One of the messages the blue heron brings is showing that no matter how thin the beam you walk on (however thin the legs are), there is always balance.

Most times I see them standing in the field or in water. But once I saw him moving, like a dance.

In the field they hunt mice.
On the waterfront on frogs and fish.


And the second one is the Stork.

Very famous because of the storytelling “where children come from”.

In the area where I live now there are a lot of them.

07102022 one of more

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