The year 2023

The year 2023

In my mind I had the idea to make new pages for every year and 2023 would be the start: Every day I would make a picture and would posted it here.

The idea was good, but I forgot that idea; Idea’s can be changed;

Every month I wil post my best pictures from this year. Igo in the outside every day; connecting with nature that I just get for free:

It always gives me a kiss, what I want to pass on you.





By clicking on a picture you come in the menu to see them in your own tempo:



A gray, sad long month. Every January I struggle; but this year even more than usual. Been outside every day, but no eye for the beauty around me; turned in too much inside me, which has been good.
January is a month to prepare for a new year


The month of February was better. There were already signs of spring, which always gives me a revival in my own self. Certainly I would also enjoy snow in combination with a beautiful sun.


The beginning of spring in the northern half of our globe. The growing seasons, the love life of the animals and more hours of sunshine.
So wonderful to wake up by the songs of  the blackbird or the thrush. For me it was the first time I heard the thrush. First I thought it was the blackbird; but, although the sound of the blackbird is beautifull, this family of it has so much more variety.

To see the sun coming up in the east,  earlier everyday.

Feeling alive again.

Listen to this beautifull sound of the thrush