Small multi-tone songbirds

Small multi-tone songbirds

Songbirds, and I mean the ones with muli-tone song : a large group. Each with its own sound. Therefore recognizable.

Every human being has its own sound too. Just as we don’t want to change songbirds, we shouldn’t want to change a person either.

I always try to respond to a bird’s call: that works fine with a blackbird. He also responds on my wisthles:  Another miracle of nature. The reason why I choose the photo above.

And under: a female, a male  and a young one. The last was on my balcony.

And I will post more birds, when I meet them. With a date on it.


In May 2020 I found a nest on eye level. I saw it because of the blue ribbon. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long.

Nest 2

The Nuthach can climb up and down a treetrunk. It has a song and a call.


The treecreeper goes only up. In bad cols winters they stick together.Their song looks sometimes a bit like a high blackbirdsound.

The European serin is a small bird with a great sound. In the early mornings at The Kollenberg, I heard them “talking” to each other from one place to another place far away.

The most well-known tits in the Netherlands are the Blue Tit and the Great Tit. They also come close to the houses because of the feed balls in the winter. It is a pity that they are neatly in plastic, because that in turn has negative consequences. Feeding is also possible with loose food on a tray.

A blue tit flew into my window on November 24, 2020. Luckily he survived

On a morning in june 2022 I saw a Great Tit going into a a old Woodpeckers nest. I came back with my camera and fotographed the actions. You see that it’s very carefull before entering the nest. By giving respect animals will trust you, I realised again.

Sparrows……….the most famous songbird in the Netherlands.
Beautiful in their simplicity

There are a number of proverbs that relate to a sparrow. F.i. . when it is very hot: the sparrows fall from the roofs. It means; they are very strong. they can survive almost all kind of weathers. They are usually in groups.


Putter or European goldfinch; such a beautiful bird. I was amazed and immediately felt a joy when I saw it in April 2021.

And some other birds without a special story. I only can advice: if you hear a bird singing, pretend it’s singing also for you. They make no distinction. Let’s learn that from them


A wagtail: Very recognizable by the wagging tail

White wagtail

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