I first heard this word in a book I was reading: Awakening to the Spirit World by Sandra Ingerman & Hank Wesselman.

The meaning: “if you are connected with Nature magic can happen.” For me I would say; magic will happen; You just need to see it.

For me nature is everything; we  humans are part of it. The plants, animals, sky, clouds, cardinal directions, everything on and above this Globe.

Hans Anderweg wrote the book Create Life. Also about connecting with Nature. We need to help Nature and Nature helps us: You only need to ask for it.

The secret; Dare to dream starts with the words: you can live your life in two ways: You don’t believe in miracles, or,  you believe everything is a miracle (quote from A. Einstein). The choice is all yours

The Mantis told me: Pay attention of what is happening every moment; and be aware of your feelings.

Even in your dreams you can be connected: Dreams can tell you things. Dreams are nighttime messengers that can be joyful as well as shocking.  When we really wake up, we know that the dream reality contains an inner truth (dromen als inwijding, by Barbara Driessen)……..You only have to ask and to feel what it could mean.

A quote from Charles Eisenstein: “Each being has unique and necessary gifts to give toward the wellbeing and evolution of the Whole. Human destiny is to use its unique gifts to serve the health and development of the Whole.” And we are part of that Whole


Above are just some extra thoughts from me for you in Love, Tenderness and Respect. 💚🦋💞