September 2023

September 2023

September Morn……a song by Neil Diamond about lovers dancing until the night becomes a brand new day. I don’t remember ever doing it, although I loved dancing and still do.

September brings us into the dark months. It’s always a struggle for me, especially because the sunrise is so late. Too late to wake me up during these months.

But September is also the month of colors: colors that change in nature from green to so many other colors. Walking through the falling leaves and seeing the great diversity of mushrooms (see also my special post about that

Birds coming closer to human’s area and some other animals too. The dying of the butterfly, after it ensured the survival of the species in the form of tiny little eggs.


Happy or sad?

This day I accidentally ended up an exhibition of fruit and vegetables by chance (what is a coincidence?). It looks incredibly beautiful; but at the same time I think of all the mouths this could have fed. I know that the “culture” will not appreciate these thoughts; that is why I keep it for myself and for you. It is absolutely beautiful work of art.


It came back 4 times during 10 minutes.

28th at 0417

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