About Us

About Us

About me and my two companions

I am a nature lover and started this site to share the adventures I have with my dogs in nature. However, the universe has decided otherwise.
#Marion Evers, Doorwerth

“When humans and nature are living in harmony there is magic and beauty everywhere”


Below my two companions.

On this picture is Izzie.  She came in our life 6 weeks after her birth, that was on the 6the Februari 2007. She had the same birthday as my Sun in Law.

In her whole life I think we were apart for less than a 1/2 year, because of my holidays where I couldn’t take her with me.

She knew my feelings: was very One with me. She came with me to my new area in Doorwerth on the 6th Februari 2021.

She passed away 3 months later on 6th May.

Izzie walks with Bono now.

This tiny one is Bono. She came with us in 2009, 6 weeks after her birth on 2th Januari. She had a special bond with Ger.

She always stayed the young dog in her behaviour: walked like a horse, but also had the skills of the Border Colly in her. I remember a walk: Izzie  liked chasing all sorts of moving things to bring it together. She ran after a tractor. Bono went after her and cut her off so that she returned to us.

After Ger left the house, Bono stayed with me. But she couldn’t forget him.  Despite eating well, she was getting thinner and thinner, due to vomiting and diarrhea. Physically everything was fine. She kept playing, to show that she still mattered.

On Friday 24th January 2020:

I saw it in her eyes this morning.

They Walk Together Now

And I know they both will be there when I arrive.