Other water birds

Other water birds

In addition to the well-known water birds, on this post a collection of the other water birds.


The Cormorant is a fairly large bird, which stands still for a long time on something standing in the water; this can be a board, but also a stump of wood.  Spritual: It has a “down to earth” mentality.
To dry themselves or to warm themselves, they sit on staff with their wings spread.
When hunting for food, they can dive to a depth of 30 m and remain submerged for 2 minutes.

A Grebe often carries its young on its back; Unfortunately I’ve never seen it until now. 20the january 2022.

“Properties” Elegance. melancholy, expression of deep feelings through dance.

They can stay under water for a long time: it looks like they are playing hide and seek with their little ones.

On the righ there is a little story in Amsterdam; Beatrixpark.

Where is he
Also looking
Mother is helping

Today, on the 23th July 2022 I saw a Grebe with a young one on his back: Awesome. Lingewaard.

Unfortunately no camera.

little one

The coot has such nice feet: as if it were all made up of pieces. It is a protected native bird species. It doesn’f mind to fight with others, when they come in his area: almost like people 😉


The moorhen: It looks a bit like the Coot, but is easier to others.

I saw the once on the left  near the Castle Doorwerth working in august 2022.

Oystercatcher; I had never heard of this bird until I saw an unknown water bird in the Lower Rhine. Thanks to Google I found the name with the bird.
Sturdy wader with a long orange-red bill and pink legs. In flight with prominent white wing stripes and black and white tail. The beak changes according to the type of food.

op het veld

And don’t forget: the seagulls. In different shapes and sizes.

Originally only seen on the coast, they are increasingly coming to populated areas. Some seagulls become a “pest” in the city because they open garbage bags. But who puts those garbage bags on the street?

But in the water they’ll find food wat’s better for them;      https://youtu.be/Q6rmMJm6-gw

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