November:  Yesvember a friend of mine calls it.
A month with so many different colors, different weather conditions, different thoughts.

Many birds have gone south, while other birds come from the north to stay here. Animals prepare for winter by collecting food and preparing their winter nest.
And we, humans, just keep going. Actually against nature.

I want to try to prepare for winter this month. Whether I succeed………………………………..

High tide in November: on this 21st I was able to take some beautiful pictures.

While cycling to the ferry on this day,  I saw a “strange duck” among the Greylag Geese. Very beautiful Indonesian goose, as Google told me later.

30th November.

The first snow made me go for a walk. Still high tide and therefore a lot of geese. And again a solist between them.

More pictures from that day below.

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