Izzie en Bono

Izzie en Bono

Two very different dogs:
Izzie the working dog: always busy. Only once did she stop playing on her own. She saw more than what we saw. She was “my” dog.  But also  very close to another person in her life.







Bono the show dog: high on the legs. Always kept a puppy appearance. She was very affectionate towards Ger.






In remembering:  https://youtu.be/CtkUXJKOB1A

Maasmechelen 2016


In 2018 Bono moved with Ger to Bingelrade for a short time. So Izzie was alone with me. At the end of that year Bono moved in with us again.


After Bono passed away, we scattered her ashes on “my mountain” where I often spent the mornings and evenings watching sunrise and sunset. dd 14 february 2020



Izzies ashes was strewn in the sea on 31-12-2021. She loved the waves, so therefore I choose this place. And for me, too, I want the sea to be my final resting place.

I caught the attention of a seagull.

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