Beetles come in all shapes and sizes. All of them can fly. The beetle has sacred symbolism and is traditionally revered in some cultures. Beetles also seem to have a medicinal effect and unfortunately and unnecessary, they are physically ground in all kinds of remedies, because you can always invoke the power of the beetle.

The beetle shows you that you possess the power of love and peace and that that power is untouchable. The beetle’s shield thus has a dual function. You may break down your hardness and protection of yourself to the outside and vice versa the shield of the beetle will always protect you from outside influences.

Above red soldier beetles.

Down under: a Longhorn beetle.

And in between some other beetles. When you click on it, you see the name.

May beetles have a short life. In the evening they seek shelter.

The ladybug is loved by children: because of the name….

Wantsen is a large family with many differences; commonality for almost all: the smell, which is not pleasant and lingers for a long time; but so does the ladybug.

I’ll post the pictures with the Dutch names.

redlegg wants 07102022

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