More birds

More birds

The jay is both an earth and air creature. Its plumage has the heavenly blue on the wings and the earthy brown on the body. In addition, black and white feathers are represented. They represent light and dark.

The dove is a bringer of peace and harmony. Remember the story of Noah’s Ark: symbol of reconciliation
In the various religions doves are used with a special meaning.
Then, of course, there are the well-known carrier pigeons.


The pheasant is two in one. The male with his unbelievable splendor of colours, which you cannot overlook, and the female with her equally beautiful camouflage colours, so that she can make herself invisible, as it were. It has to be, because in the breeding season this helps her enormously to stay out of sight. The pheasant connects earth and sky. Because he finds his way in both areas. The pheasant is both a good runner and flyer.

August 2023

The swallow represents comfort, hope, grace, happiness, security, loyalty and enlightenment. There is a saying in the Netherlands: one swallow does not make a spring. But it does give hope that it is near.

There are different kinds; the best known are the barn swallow and the house swallow. The first pictures are from de swallows in Castlle Doorwerth.

boerenzwaluw kasteel Doorwerth1
boerenzawluw kasteel Doorwerth2

The magpie, a bigger bird in black and white, or rather metallic rainbow-like and white, like nothing is really completely black and white. He loves shiny things. Not for the sake of having, because he doesn’t know greed, but more out of curiosity for the unknown.
The magpie is not ashamed of his behavior. Hijacking a young bird from a nest or pecking an egg is done in full view. He will never take everything, only what he needs. Sometimes all this is accompanied by a lot of noise. Full recognition of the SELF and daring to admit it. Just completely, as you are, the black and white of the magpie integrated into one.

Crows are large, black birds known for their intelligence and adaptability, as well as for their loud, harsh ‘hoot’. † Some think that they bring bad luck or announce a death.
Certainly, the crow has to do with death. He cleans up Mother Earth and eats what nature gives him from dead remains of animals.
But, “death” also has a good side; space for new.

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