Besides Swans and Geese, Ducks are the most famous Dutch water birds. They come in different types.

Ducks radiate tranquility, offer protection and are graceful on the water. They are connected to the earth, air and water.

Above a couple wild Ducks males, resting on a branch above water.

Under a female with young. Always endearing to watch. After hatching from the egg, they walk and swim. And learn what they need to do to survive.

I remember I saw the Mandarin Duck the first time in a parc in Helmond. I first thought it was a wooden duck just for fun; til I saw it moving. Such a beauty, with all the colours. I never saw a female, or wasn’t aware of it.

On ice

And then, in Park Sonsbeek, I saw a female mandarin Duck on 21th august 2022.

And she even gaves a show to let me see how beautiful she was.

Some others I didn’t see often.

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