Birds of prey.

Birds of prey.

Freedom; Attention to detail; Patience; Groundbreaking; Qualities that come to my mind when I see a bird of prey; either ‘praying’ in the air or sitting on a pole. And then, suddenly, at a speed down into the field to catch the prey.

The buzzard ( see above)  and the little falcon are the ones I see the most. I sometimes find it hard to see what it is.  Most times they fly away before I can take a picture. Or like this one, it turns his head.

In Sittard, on The Kollenberg, there was an old dead tree. It was the resting place for a Brown Falcon. Unfortunately, the municipal council found it necessary to destroy this tree in 2020: There was no danger to humans or animals; yet………………

Brown Falcon
From another side
Back after diner

The buzzard has a certain way of sitting, I usually recognize him by: The buzzard is very variably colored, from dark brown to almost white. The color variation has a genetic basis, but little is known about the consequences of the color variation: A light plumage in a certain habitat may be beneficial.

The buzzard is a magically powerful bird for a reason, which, despite the fact that other birds try to disturb it, just go its way. I recognize myself in it. I know I’m different from other women, but I feel good about that.
I see a lot of buzzards at the moment : Especially when they look at me I feel special; whether they see right through me ……. “let go Marion”.

In the photos below, when I looked at them on the computer, a surprise appeared: there were two of them. Wonderful.


Birds can balancing, because they don’t think. They just trust.

like a statue

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