Bees and similar

Bees and similar

In ancient myths, bees bring heavenly gifts to earth; the honey also counts as the offering, intended for the most exalted gods. Honeybees were seen as messengers to carry messages from the earth to the heavenly realms.

Without this little fellow earthlings, man would not exist.

I found a bee house in one of my Giants

It,s always nice to follow a bee in its activity. They the time for it, which made it easy for me to follow. Perhaps we should also bee a little less rushed.

The first serie I called: “fasten your seatbelt”

The second serie shows a bee at work in a butterfly bush.

Just click in the middle of the picture and you can see them all.

There are about 350 different types of bees in my country, divided into three main groups:
Honey bees – 1 species.
Solitary bees – about 330 species.
Bumblebees – about 20 species.
All bee species are friendly creatures. …
The most common bee species is the honey bee.

Some pictures of different species

20220521 Arboretum-bee

And there are also insects, that look like them, like wasps. They can be aggressive. Important to avoid them, with rest, or with a water sprayer.

I saw this big hornet on my balcony. It was very calm. Hornets are the largest of the eusocial wasps, and are similar in appearance to their close relatives yellowjackets.

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