Art on my travels

Art on my travels

I saw the above artwork at the outdoor gallery De Vinken in Brabant. This work particularly appealed to me: I see in this the unity between everything.

I will give the following works their own title: Many are made of “waste”, if you can call it that.

The following 3 are found in the garden of the Hermitage Amsterdam

Lion's head

Next are from my trip to Heeswijk-Dinther in June 2019. A80 year young lady made these statues from old bicycle tires.

Some art makes me emotional. Because of different reasons.

The globe with the polarbears says it all: animals will survive, but humans?

The man carying another one on his shoulder: we should be helping everyone that’s suffering in one way or the other

Art on the street made from old trees

On the left a tree, that’s prepared by someone.

On the right a tree that’s just there: with his big energie stil in it. I like them both, but the right one gives me more.

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