You cute green creature that makes those crazy jumps, that can swim, but also finds its way on land. With your tongue you catch insects that often irritate us humans. Your eyes always look startled or surprised.


Amphibians are characterized by the metamorphosis in their development: the larvae that can only live in water develop into air-breathing adults with lungs. Amphibians use their skin as a secondary breathing surface; some small salamanders and frogs are even fully adapted to skin breathing.

The most common in the Netherlands are frogs and toads.

If only we could look around us more often, because miracles happen every day. You just need to tune in and open your frog eyes to see them.

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To imponate others, they have a great sound. Together it’s a real concert. Listen to this.

And when they sing you can see it on their cheeks.

The toad, like the crocodile, is master of survival whatever the circumstance.
The female toad is larger than the male. In mating season, on the way to that fertile water, a male jumps behind and they are intimately bound until the deed is done and they each go their own way.

Once, when I was cleaning my pond, I saw this salamander. There appeared to be more.

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