Airborne Landings and Commemoration 2021

Airborne Landings and Commemoration 2021

For a whole week, planes, helicopters and paratroopers were already present in this region. This in the run-up to the official commemoration on the Ginkelse Heide . This year on Saturday 18th september.
Due to government measures, only a limited number of people were allowed to attend.I was lucky to have a card. It was amazing and emotional.
During the annual commemoration, we honor the heroes of Operation Market Garden on Ginkelse Heide together with veterans, invited guests and our residents. The commemoration goes hand in hand with the Airborne landings of 11 Airmobile Brigade.


Pictures speak for themselves.

Such a beautifull peace of art

First Paragliders

Then the paratroopers from 11 old planes.

Official commemoration with wreath laying

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