Airborne commemoration Ginkelse Heide in Ede 2022

Airborne commemoration Ginkelse Heide in Ede 2022

Saturday September the 17th 2022, I cycled to Ede for the commemoration of Market Garden. A lot of people were on the road too. It made me slowdown on my bike and I thought: “it’s a good to slow down and already think about it”.

I enjoyed all the people before me: the elderly, parents with children, small children on their own bicycle with father protecting the outside of the cycle path.

I know that war is still everywhere in the world, and will never go away as long as power is a goal. But I hope I never experience it myself.

And let us stand with all refugees of war in a dignified way.

About the pictures.

I show the photos and video links in a natural order. We were lucky with the weather: there was with threatening clouds, but only one shower, which meant that a group had to make an extra round before being allowed to jump.
I didn’t go to the memorial at the monument: it was too busy. I’ll be cycling to it in one of the next days.

About the pictures: the most I posted in a carousel. By clicking on it you can see them all and bigger. And the small text by pictures are the links to the video’s.

Enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

When some pictures are half, you just need to refresh the page.

Dakoota drops the first Paratroopers.

Paratrooper landing

Pathfinders peloton Luchtmobiele Brigade dropping

The plaines from Pathfinders peloton Luchtmobiele Brigade had to make an extra round because rain.

Paratroopers walking with the bagpacks

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