My thoughts about Life

My thoughts about Life

Why start with this Stair? 

This stair has steps like a ladder, and the shape of a spiral.

A stair for me is related to life;

It is used in the workplace: one step higher on the ladder.
It’s used in psychology: a downward spiral.

For me it is the connection between Earth and Universe. Everything that happens in between has an impact on life. And not always straight, but in circles, up and down, unknown visions, the chance to lose something between the open spaces.

The view can be clear or like dark clouds.

Concerning the title, “Izzieme”:  Besides being a memory of Izzie, it also says something about me. If you speak it out it sounds like “easy me” . I think I am, most of the time, an easy-living person, who doesn’t believe in coincidence. A person who sees the universe as a guide through this life.

This website is now to post my  pictures and my thoughts about life by these pictures. Sometimes there will be only pictures, who tell the story themselves.

On my walk today, 5th january 2022, I was thinking about this website. I hope that people who visit this webside, will “learn” how beautifull Nature is. That we are all connected with each other, one way or the other. But also connected with nature and the whole Universe. And what ever we do for this universe, it will come back to us.

If you have any ideas to make changes, just let me know.

The same with English mistakes: please let me know.


For now: sit back and enjoy. By clicking on the photo you can see the photo larger

And feel free to use my pictures for non-commercial purposes, by mentioning my name with it; sharing is double the fun.




btw:on a smartphone The text order may look a little strange. The open places are for future photos.